What if you knew that there was a way to know EXACTLY which choice was in your highest good in any given moment – without a doubt?

What if there was a tool you could use – like a GPS – for everything from what to eat for breakfast to whether to take that job offer (or not) to who you need to speak to in a roomful of people at any given moment.

Should I give that guy another date? Should I buy those shoes? Should I order the pasta …or the salmon?

What if you could use this tool to keep you safe walking home late at night because it would tell you exactly where to go – and where NOT to go – to stay safe?

How much would you pay for that tool?

What if I told you that you already have it?

In North America, reportedly 1/4 women have been sexually assaulted.

Reportedly. Out of every 100 cases of sexual assault 6 are reported to police.

These stats can easily make being a woman in the world feel terrifying, especially if you are one of those who has already experienced an assault.

But what if we had a Secret Weapon, not only to support our life to be more of exactly what we really want, but to keep us safe and well.

“Your intuition is always 100% correct.”

In my late teens I saw that written onto a painting at a college art exhibit.

At 19 years old and freshly born into the “real world,” it made me think.


The rest of the exhibit focused on bringing awareness to the vulnerability of being a woman in the world & the constant jeopardy that society puts our very physical safety in – let alone our emotional safety.

And I started to wonder.

What makes a woman not listen to her intuition and therefore end up in crappy – or even dangerous – situations?

It occurred to me that maybe she doesn’t know that she has it (intuition)…

It occurred to me that maybe if her power – her confidence – her KNOWING WHAT WAS RIGHT & SAFE

had been shut down by previous assault or other extreme (chronic) stress, then maybe she wouldn’t know how to tap in and find her internal GPS.

It occurred to me that if she wasn’t allowed to say, “No,” when she was little – to make her own choices and find her own way – she might have never learned.

The Secret Weapon of the world’s most vulnerable.

Internal GPS.

Body Wisdom.

So I’m curious Goddess, how is your intuition/GPS/Body Wisdom working lately?

Are you struggling to make important decisions about your health, relationships or money?

Is it possible that chronic stress, the inability to say, “No,” or old trauma is keeping you in a self-sabotaging loop and not getting you to what you really REALLY want?

I recently created this awesome (well, I think it’s awesome;) checklist to support you to end the cycle of self-sabotage NOW and start making life-enhancing choices.

If you don’t have it yet you can get it for free by clicking here => www.joseatamiracrossley.com

And if you are looking for support to get tapped in & turn on your internal GPS – I’d love to invite you to apply for a free 30 minute Stress Breakthrough Session with me.

In love & light always,