Awakening the Felt Sense Part III ~ Awakening Breath

Awakening the breath is one of the key steps  to building the capacity of our nervous system so we can access more joy and more resilience. If you haven’t already seen Part I & II of this series, Awakening the Felt Sense, please start here. 

If you are someone who has a hard time being in your body and tend to reside more in your head, the breath can be an AMAZING resource for you and can help build a bridge towards feeling your body in a way that is safe and accessible so this video is for YOU!!!

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If you are reading this, no matter how you are feeling or what you are going through, it is more than likely that your body is breathing.

No matter what we are going through, if we are still alive, then the body just breaths. It’s kind of amazing really!

So just begin your practice by noticing that the body is breathing.

It can help to place your hands on the front of your body – just intuitively placing your hands on the front of your body wherever they feel comfortable.

Now with your hands on the front of your body, notice the movement of your breath.

Notice that the hands may actually move as your body breaths.

Without judging the breath or trying to change it, just notice the movement here.

Imagine that your natural breath is like a wave in the ocean, and see can you allow your awareness to rest on the wave of your breath like a little boat in the ocean.

See how long you can stay with that – just breathing in, and out, noticing the breath and without trying to change it.

I recommend watching the video (above) as I guide you through this a bit, and then see if you can practice on your own for even 2-5 minutes each day.

Please comment below and let me know what you notice with this practice!
How does it feel to connect with your breath? Does it feel relaxing?

Or maybe it brings up some grief or other emotion. Whatever it is just allow yourself to feel it and bring compassion to any discomfort.

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Image by Laura Keating