Here’s why I don’t do caffeine as a daily thing.
When we take in stimulants like coffee, black tea and yes, even the “healthy” versions (which ARE easier on your digestion for SURE) green tea & matte…here is why we have more energy.

These stimulants kick our adrenals into high gear. The adrenals basically get the message that there is an emergency and they need to kick it up a notch. So you get a boost of adrenalin & everything feels exciting and high energy for a while.

Can you guess what happens if we give our adrenals that message every day – or even 5 days a week for many years.

You got it. You’re adrenals start to be like …we’re tired…very tired….very very tired…

They actually start to run out of what we call adrenal organ “cushion” – which basically means “reserves”…it’s like the root cellar for your adrenal glands.

The problem with that is that then the adrenals start talking to the thyroid gland.

They’re like,”Hey thyroid, I know you want to maintain our body’s metabolism and all that, but their seems to be a constant state of emergency for the past 10 years and we are going to need to go into CONSERVATION mode if we’re going to not die, so can you please SLOW DOWN up there?”

Guess what happens then? Low thyroid. Probably sub-clinical low thyroid so your doctor – unless they’re into Functional Medicine, doesn’t notice and tells you that “these things are normal – you’re just getting old.”

And the other thing that happens if you are a woman is the adrenals start to steal hormones that should be calming you down and instead use them to make adrenal hormones just to keep you going.

You’re not just getting old. What’s happening is you are suffering from adrenal burnout.

Good news though. We can restore those little beauties -and the first step is kicking the caffeine.

Because caffeine is like a credit card.

Useful when used at the right moment and only occasionally and when you catch up with it after (by getting the deep rest your body actually needs) but very very dangerous if you are relying on it and forgetting to put money (energy) back in the bank of your body.