The Grand Initiation: Navigating Menopause with Wisdom & Grace

Today, I have a very specific grief topic to share with you – this is for women who are in the perimenopause or menopause time of life – if that’s you, amazing.

If not, please consider who you might know and love that could benefit from this offering & forward them this post! 🍂

Between the archetypal Mother & Crone time of a woman’s life lies a liminal and forgotten realm – the realm of the Queen, Maga & Enchantress ✨

Women, it is time we remember this one, and the heart-centered power and sacred beauty she offers. My friend Alice Bracegirdle, creatress of Bellyfit International, a beautiful uplifting feminine & holistic fitness practice, just turned 50 this year.

I was blessed to celebrate this important moment in her life with her, and after her party we got to talking about the connection between menopause and grief.

Grief is certainly something we are initiated into when someone we love dearly dies. But we can also be initiated by ANY major life changes, including the transformation that happens to our bodies as we age.

In a society that worships eternal spring and has lost reverence for eldership, the Grand Initiation of Menopause can be an incredibly challenging time for women.

I want to share with you this beautiful offering Alice has curated specifically for women going through this time – of which I am a part of the panel of 12 female-bodied speakers. (Of course I’m discussing grief and how we can work with it during this sacred time of our lives).

Check it out HERE => The Grand Initiation – Navigating Menopause with Wisdom and Grace