How to Listen Like Your Life Depends on it. Because it Does.

Have you ever felt like your emotions were taking you on a roller coaster ride that was completely out of control?

Have you ever wished that you could feel more consistent joy in your life? Or maybe just even more consistent “everything is okay…”

Have you ever noticed that when you’re NOT feeling joy – and especially if you’re feeling really low, that if someone who is in a “positive mindset” walks in the room you might even feel like punching them in the nose? (lol)

Personally I believe that at if we are in our healthiest state as humans, we have access to a wide range of emotions from deep grief to deep joy.

In this place of emotional freedom, we also have a huge amount of empathy and compassion for others.

One of my teachers, Martin Prechtel, actually talks about how grief and love are two sides of the same coin and being able to feel both deeply is representative of how connected we are to life.

I believe that in our modern society many people have lost the deep connection to life and our own aliveness that our ancestors once had, perhaps in direct proportion to how disconnected from nature we’ve become.

Both our own true inner nature as well as the wildness of the natural world are no longer seen as sacred and are instead seen as inconvenieces that we have to overcome.

It can be very easy in a modern setting with so much amazing technology to actually lose sight of our truth, our joy and the simplicity of what we need to life a good quality of life.

What do we really need to live well? Food, water, shelter, a sense of belonging? What else?

In our Western society we have access to some of the most advanced scientific based medical care on the planet and yet people are suffering at alarming rates from stress related illnesses, depression & anxiety.

Even the children of this generation are suffering more than ever before with obesity and depression. Thing that were almost unheard of in past generations of children.

So what can we do, not only to change our own lives for the better but also perhaps to make this planet a better place for the children in the future.

I believe that the answer is not obvious.

And yet we can look towards those who are creating well-being in their own lives and communities and see what they are doing.

One thing that has been totally key in my own life is having daily practices that help me to get out of my head and tune into the deeper wisdom of my body and to nature.

We must slow down, in whatever unique way that is right for us and listen deeper.

We must be willing to reach out and ask for help, and find the tools and practices that resonate with our own unique body-mind and apply them to heal ourselves.

Sometimes when we need to slow down and go inward we don’t get a choice from Spirit!

For the past several weeks every time I got close to my computer with “getting shit done” in mind… my whole body would go into contraction. Hello body…..

Since I’m the Body Wisdom Queen (lol) I obviously had to take that as the strong sign that it was to

s-l-o-w down…listen.

That would be why you haven’t heard from me for a few weeks 😉 …I do still love you 🙂

And I’m wondering if the past month has been similar for you?

Perhaps as the energetic “climate” on earth becomes more challenging (hotter?) because of the political turmoil and all the trauma that is being played out in the world at this time, perhaps we are collectively reaching a crisis point that can no longer be denied.

I’ve been told that in the Mandarin language, the symbol for crisis and opportunity are the same. 

I believe this is partly true.

The problem is, if we don’t have the tools and support and understanding to make powerful use of the energy that is released in crisis, to allow that energy to move where it needs to go, then we can end up spinning in a downward spiral that is even further from the health and well-being we desire. 

I believe this is where prayer comes in. For real – I’m not talking religion here.

I’m talking about developing a direct relationship with Spirit, and being willing to open to the possibility that we can have what we really truly need.


Where do you need to slow down and listen?

What is your body telling you about what might not be working?

Sometimes slowing down can feel like the hardest thing or even impossible.

But it can be as simple as taking 60 seconds in the morning before you turn on your phone or go out into the world to simply SIT and LISTEN to your own inner world.

How is your heart feeling today?

Sometimes it is scary to listen deeper because we are afraid of what we might discover – that we might have to actually CHANGE something.

Maybe we are actually already in crisis and just have some really great coping mechanisms to keep us going even still.

Maybe we don’t know how to change or heal yet and so we automatically give up, believing that it is easier to stay with what we know how to do even if it’s not really working anymore.

Being human (and conscious!) at this time on the planet is not an easy task.

I would suggest though, that the more we are willing to listen, the more we open up the opportunity for our own deep and ancient wisdom – our own genetic memory of what is RIGHT will guide us towards exactly what we need.

Are you willing? (Please say yes! We need YOU!)

Do you remember your dreams (either waking dreams, life visions or the ones that come as messengers in deep sleep)?

Write them down.


The only way we can find what is needed is to listen to ourselves in the very same way that we crave being listened to.

If you feel brave, please comment below and tell us one way you are committing right now to listening more deeply in your life – I promise to read them all and there is something very powerful in stating your committment and being witnessed!

It’s my birthday today, and I’m celebrating (and committing to!) a new and deeper level of listening to my Self, to Nature (inner & outer) and Spirit, and to allowing myself to be supported to receive exactly what I need to know and to have to be the most connected and highest service this year. Spring is a wonderful time to set intention, so I’d love to hear from you below what you are calling in ~ comment below and tell me what you are committing to do over the next 28 days to slow down and listen. Are you going to write down your dreams? Are you going to sit for 1 minute before you turn on your phone/engage with the world in the morning? Are you going to bring in prayer and asking for guidance? I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Love & light,


PS My friends Shawn Mahshie, Bella Shing & I are going to be offering a webinar this coming Wednesday on using plant essences ~ a powerful tool to bring ourselves out of the “vortex” of difficult emotions and into a place where we can feel the empowerment, safety and freedom we need to really heal.

Stay tuned for more info 🙂