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Somatic Therapy is different than traditional talk therapy which uses the “thinking brain” to sort things out. It is a body-based approach rather than a cognitive approach.

From the somatic perspective, the body is seen as the ‘holder of all memory & information’, both historic and current, and both traumatic and neutral.

Through Somatic Therapy we have the opportunity to update the information held in the body and to release old historic trauma patterns both personal and ancestral.

The Somatic approach is based on mindfully feeling/listening to and witnessing the body. It is like an assisted self-awareness practice. Somatic awareness gives you access to a different kind of knowing ~ the direct wisdom of the body.

This awareness works with the principle of ‘where attention goes energy flows,’ so through awareness we can also allow trauma energy that has been stuck in the body, sometimes for decades, to move & release.

As this energy moves, there is more space created and we feel more joy and ease on all levels.

We come closer to our innate natural state of being ~ more relaxed and yet also more fully alive.

Life becomes easier as we can access moment-to-moment body wisdom to guide our choices, which then keeps us healthier and happier, and guides us towards even greater awareness and self-actualization.

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About Josea

For over 20 years, I’ve been working with grief & trauma. What I’ve seen is that not only do we carry around the weight of these difficult experiences, but we also carry a story that says, “I’m alone, I’m different, I’m secretly broken or weird.”

Within the context of uncovering the deep wisdom hidden inside our wounds, this long carried & heavy story dissolves, and we recognize that we are all, at our core, the same.

Human. Broken. Beautiful. Alive.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am beyond grateful for you and your techniques you taught me in my past sessions! I have noticed such a change in my life from it and just wanted to extend my gratitude to you!Thank you!"
~Shauna, past client

This is perhaps what I love the most about this work. When we can release the shame that comes with feeling alone in our experience, healing comes naturally.

We release the heaviness of holding it alone, and get reconnected with our innate sense of joy, aliveness & strength.

Through practices that work with the nervous system & rewiring the brain learned through my studies in Somatic Therapy, Attachment Theory, Healing Sexual Trauma, Deep Nature Connection, Craniosacral therapy, Shamanic Study, Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga, I’ve learned to support people to completely transform how they experience the world and themselves.

I believe that for each person, your gifts are directly related to your wounds, and it is only through deep listening and care of the soul that you will fully remember who you are and what you are here to give to the world.

I believe that every single person, including you, has something to offer to this liminal time we are living in.
In terms of walking through the dark woods and returning with gifts,

I am a living, breathing example, and this work is my offering to you.

I grew up fast, having to take care of myself almost entirely on my own.

There was not much space for safety, nervous system regulation and healthy relationship to self or other in my first 16 years in the world. But slowly, I started to find it.

Like someone who is thirsty beyond comprehension, I drank it in. I made it sacred.

Are there things like that for you? What do you consider as sacred as water? That you would walk miles for, carrying a heavy load? What are you longing for in your bones?

It is my mission to create spaces in this world where people can experience enough safety & belonging, and can gain enough skillfulness, to be able to heal.

The body does the rest.

I want this for you.

I have trained with expert grief facilitator Francis Weller (author, Wild Edge of Sorrow), as well as key Somatic & Relational Therapy teachers Mariah Moser (Relational Somatic Psychotherapy), Peter Levine (SE), Diane Poole Heller (DARe), Irene Lyon (SmartBodySmartMind), & the 8 Shields Institute.

To this date, I’ve supported hundreds of people to change their lives. To transform their wounds – and the most difficult, painful parts of their experience – into gifts.

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor through the Assocation of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada and am generally covered by Pacific Blue Cross, Sun Life, Manulife, Claimsecure, Equitable Life of Canada, Alberta Blue Cross & Green Shield and can provide receipts for both 1:1 counselling and group work.

I currently live, work & play in the seaside mountain town of qathet, BC, on the traditional territory of the Tla’amin people.

If you feel called, I look forward to reading your application 🙂

My Rates

I currently have very limited space for 1:1 work and my rate is $190CAD + GST per hour session (~$150 USD/hr)

My discounted pro-bono spots are currently full. If you are looking for more affordable rates, please ask me for a referral or check out my courses and group programs, which are intended to make this work more accessible.

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