Sacred Self Trust ~ The Anatomy of Trust with Brene Brown

Part of ending the self-sabotage/body breakdown/burnout cycle and entering (and staying in) a healing “upspiral” cycle in our lives is redeveloping what I call Sacred Self Trust. 

Sacred Self Trust actually goes hand-in-hand with healthy boundaries, which I’m going to talk about in next week’s blog.

So as you watch this video, and as Brene points out at the end – developing an Anatomy of Trust that supports us is not only about our relationships with other people.

In fact, fundamentally, trust begins in the same place as happiness

(and, like, everything…)


Not to say that we don’t need other people, a healthy ecosystem etc to experience total wellness…but isn’t it empowering to claim the perspective that we can change things from the inside out?  


The more we

1. Practice and inquire into the areas where we may not be fully showing up for ourselves…

…the more we see where we are:
2.. Not showing up for other people

3. ALLOWING other people in our lives who aren’t actually really showing up for us (which takes us into the topic of healthy boundaries, but like i said that’s for next week;)

And hey – remember – we’re all human here and on a journey of learning/healing/growth (or at least you probably are if you’re reading this)… so being gentle with your sacred self is so KEY

You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video – but I noticed that for me I need to develop my capacity to make what Brene calls the G ~ Generous Assumptions about others intentions. 

Hmmm…food for thought 🙂 

Anyways ~ here it is ~ your weekly (or sometimes bi-weekly) dose of Sacred ~ my recommended listening for this week ~ Brene Brown on The Anatomy of TRUST: 

(PS ~ I’d love to hear from you in the comments below after you watch the video ~ which part of BRAVING is scariest or the place you want to develop more in yourself?) xo