The Secret Key to Human Potential

Did you know that the biggest thing that holds most of us back – that keeps us stuck and prevents us moving forward into the life we dream of – is also the place that holds our highest potential and can allow us to be, do and create things that most people on the planet today can’t even imagine?

Have you ever felt like your body was not on your team?

You have so much you want to do in a day, and your body just can’t keep up…

Or maybe you have an ideal vision of how you want your body to look or feel and no matter how healthy you try to eat and live your body just doesn’t cooperate.

In my last email I talked about how we always have choice – no matter what the external circumstances – no matter what happens – we always hold the power to choose our response.

But the truth is, most of us find ourselves reacting before we even know what has happened.

Do you ever have those moments – where you find yourself saying or doing something before you even realize what you are saying or doing?

What I’ve learned through many years of studying trauma, stress and the path of awakening is that we have a system in our bodies that gets “programmed” or “wired” to respond a certain way.

That system is your nervous system. And your nervous system lives in your body.

Your nervous system has the capacity to either keep you stuck in *learned* survival patterns that keep you stuck or even cause you harm, and it also has the capacity to allow you to access your highest human potential and to allow you to feel a deep connection you with all beings including your deepest sacred self.

So on one hand you always have the capacity to choose.

On the other hand when your nervous system is stuck in survival due to trauma or less than ideal “wiring” it can keep you stuck in patterns that actually cause you to make less than ideal choices.

But still there is room for choice – because once you recognize you are stuck you can get support – to rewire your system so you can access the phenomenal potential that we all have.

If you are reading this, you have this phenomenal potential. Yes YOU. 

I’m going to be sharing more – along with some special guests –  about how to rewire your nervous system and access this potential in the next few weeks ~ so stay tuned.