3 Keys to Transforming Chronic Stress into Joy, Vitality & Well-being

From Burnout & Body Breakdown to Radiant Health Breakthrough

During This Webinar You Will Discover

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Josea Tamira Crossley

Josea is a holistic body-based therapist and is committed to guiding her clients to reconnect with the body as a doorway to deeper soul awakening.

She loves supporting women leaders to learn how to embody their fierce, wild feminine power so that they can release self-sabotage and replace it with the radiance, joy & vitality that magnetizes not only success but also deep fulfillment.

She has over 15 years study and experience - Her work is grounded in training in trauma recovery work, craniosacral therapy, holistic nutrition and yoga. She believes firmly in the intertwined health of body, mind and soul and has been direct witness to the miraculous healing in both herself and her clients that can happen in the body when the soul is heard.

Josea is not only a healer, woman leader and entrepreneur - she is also a mom and was a solo-parent for five years. She had to learn how to balance the stresses of modern living and leadership with deep self-care and the personal healing necessary to step into her own fierce feminine power - which makes her your perfect guide & mentor.