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Natalie Baack ~ Curvy Confidence Coach Natalie Baack ~ Curvy Confidence Coach,

"I'd already done a ton of mindset work and made huge changes in my life, but now instead of just THINKING myself out of unhealthy patterns, I'm tapping into the wisdom of my body. I know how to listen and care for my body better - in a deeper way. It's more than just exercise and good food. It's creating the space for my nervous system to release and reset. I feel like I'm genuinely healing from my past trauma and leaving chronic stress behind for good!"

Emma McCann Emma McCann, Emma McCann ~ Women's Empowerment Coach

This past year I've been on a journey into healing my childhood trauma, and although at times it was a painful process, to have Josea there for me every step of the way was invaluable. I can't tell you how incredible her level of support, unconditional love, and expertise is. And to feel held SO completely in the way we worked through processes together. She supported me to unlock a massive piece of me that I didn't even know that I was missing, and I'm eternally grateful because I'm now living a life where I feel full of vitality and even joy on a daily basis and that is more than I could have ever wished for.