Grief & Praise

It’s May, and my poppies are starting to bloom. I expect they’ll be in full flush in the coming weeks.  A male robin is clearly staking our tiny backyard as his territory, evidenced by his perch on the fence behind the poppies. His mate is most likely tending a hidden nest in the trees above, …

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red poppies

A Sense of Place

It’s Sunday morning as I draft this, and I’m sitting on my deck in the spring sunshine looking at my poppies, and wondering if I might have any luck if I try to transplant them.  They are green and full leaved at the moment.  I made this garden in our postage-stamp suburban yard, adjacent to our …

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Uplifting Palestinian Voices 

I will say it again: Grief work is innately both personal, transpersonal and political. We cannot heal fully without addressing the systems of oppression that are making us sick. 💛 We are all connected. 💛 In February we released a podcast interview with Daniela & Caroline Abedrabbo – Daniela is a counsellor on the Dark …

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Grief & Trauma Work & Systems of Oppression

Today I’m grateful for the little bits of birdsong that are beginning in my region. Yesterday it snowed here (which is a bit rare on the West Coast) but there are so many other signs of spring all around us.  Dear ones, most of you are gathered here in this community as a kind of …

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grieving during the holidays

Grieving Through the Holidays 

It takes a lot of courage to turn towards our grief. Often it can feel easier to turn away or “numb out.” Even just holding curiousity about how you might be able to tend to your experience differently is a powerful step – and by being here, you are doing it.  As my teacher Francis Weller says, “We …

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power of your prayer

On the Power of Your Prayers

Today I’m feeling grateful for the last of the leaves turning & falling here in the Pacific Northwest and their colours even as they fade. I’m also grateful for walks by the the ocean and rooting ever deeper into my own ancestral lineages & traditions of grief tending.  It’s also been heartbreaking to witness what is happening in the …

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grand initiation navigating menopause

The Grand Initiation: Navigating Menopause with Wisdom & Grace

Today, I have a very specific grief topic to share with you – this is for women who are in the perimenopause or menopause time of life – if that’s you, amazing. If not, please consider who you might know and love that could benefit from this offering & forward them this post! 🍂 Between …

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Global Day of Grieving for Israel/Palestine

First: Trigger warning. In this post I am talking about what Francis Weller calls the third gate of grief – the sorrows of the world.  Specifically Israel/Palestine. If this topic is too much for you at the time, please skip this or come back to it at a time when you have more space. 💔 Here’s …

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an ancient grief practice

An Ancient Grief Tending Practice

I’ve fallen behind on a few things within the big energy of Summer Solstice  time, getting kids through their final weeks of school for the season,  and, (you know!) all. the. things.  I try to make it a priority to offer my clients, groups, family, friends & larger community a regulated nervous system over anything else, because I know my own regulation & well-being sends …

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anger through grief

Anger in Grief – 3 Tricks for Working with this Taboo Emotion!

When anger arises as a part of our grieving process, it can be one of the most difficult emotions to allow ourselves to feel. We can feel shame around it and may tell ourselves, “I shouldn’t feel angry, I should feel SAD.” I want to break down this taboo, because, like all feelings, anger serves …

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