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I know it takes a certain kind of courage and care to dive into learning more about grief and trauma. I want to fully acknowledge that and commend you for showing up for both yourself and your community.

Because, as we heal, we help create the conditions for others to do so as well.

Knowing this, I commit to holding space with care, accountability, self-awareness, and respect. I want to honor and give credit to the teachers, bodies of work, and the indigenous wisdom that has informed my own practice in different therapy modalities.

I will tell you more about my background over time, as we get to know each other.

On that note, you can expect:

I love to hear from you.

…So if there are any topics you’d love to hear more from me about or someone you’d love to hear on the podcast, you’re always welcome to email me back & let me know!

I appreciate your presence here. I don’t take that for granted.

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It’s May, and my poppies are starting to bloom. I expect they’ll be in full flush in the coming weeks.  A male robin is clearly staking our tiny backyard as his territory, evidenced by his perch on the fence behind the poppies. His mate is most likely tending a hidden nest in the trees above,

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A Sense of Place

It’s Sunday morning as I draft this, and I’m sitting on my deck in the spring sunshine looking at my poppies, and wondering if I might have any luck if I try to transplant them.  They are green and full leaved at the moment.  I made this garden in our postage-stamp suburban yard, adjacent to our

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Uplifting Palestinian Voices 

I will say it again: Grief work is innately both personal, transpersonal and political. We cannot heal fully without addressing the systems of oppression that are making us sick. 💛 We are all connected. 💛 In February we released a podcast interview with Daniela & Caroline Abedrabbo – Daniela is a counsellor on the Dark

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