In recognition of how challenging this time of year can be in the Northern hemisphere.

💛If you are feeling more tired, more sleepy, slow-moving or struggling in whatever way, this is especially for you. 💛

🌀We are living amidst and over-culture that suggests that on January 1st you should be ready to leap forward & start everything fresh – new year, new you!!

There is the innate suggestion that we have rested enough and it’s time to get back to work.

🌀The paradigm of continuous progress, outward energy, go-go-GO is so destructive to the soul, to the heart, and also to the body and our nervous systems.

🌿But there is another way if we listen.

🌲When we turn to nature, she is still in deep slumber. The leaves on the ground, oh yes, they are composting, but they are far from having become soil still. They are in the middle of their process as much as we are in the middle of winter. 🌲

❄️Nature shows us we are still meant to be in deep slumber, deep rest & reflection…slow time.

🍂This is the territory of compost, earthworms and the making of the soil from which things will grow in the coming year. 🍂

It is important to recognize what happens if the soil does not get made, for it is not without consequence. 🍂

So, if you can slow down, I would invite – implore you – please, give yourself full permission to rest more.

💛But even if your life isn’t structured in a way that you can bring in more rest, please stop beating yourself up for being in tune with nature. This is a GOOD THING! 💛

🫶Your body has wisdom. Your body knows EXACTLY what to do, even if you can’t do it as fully as you’d like. 🫶

And also know this.

Even if you have 9 children & 3 jobs, you can take small pauses throughout the day – little moments that allow your nervous system to sense & rest into its own natural rhythms more.

💛Make it a practice to take two minutes and step outside your back door. Look at the sky. Take a few breaths. Give yourself the gift of a precious moment. 💛


“What will you do with your one precious life?”

– Mary Oliver


Or at 4pm each day, or when you get home from work, lay down on the floor for five minutes. Set a timer even, and just let yourself descend.

Five minutes – it’s doable.

These moments of pause are critical for a healthy nervous system, adrenals, and brain. Not to mention soul. ✨

🌲🌲🌲And now – a Blessing: 🌲🌲🌲

May you find yourself

finding these moments

amidst your busy days

to pause and revel in the beauty

of life that is around you.

And if grief arises

in the pause,

may you have just the right Love

to allow it to come,

to flow,

to empty you,

until all that is left is breathe,

& a deep sense of connection to all life.

Knowing that

in life


is part of this great



With Love,


Art by Sandra Diekmann