Have you ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of push-push-pushing yourself (and your body) until you actually simply cannot anymore, and then you crash? Maybe you get sick or maybe you just get so exhausted that you can barely get out of bed on the weekend, or maybe you find yourself feeling depressed and just totally uninspired with the daily grind of life. Or maybe all three. 
Or maybe it’s more serious. Maybe you’ve pushed your whole life and now its chronic illness, chronic pain or serious sleep issues. 

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. 

This is Western Society. This is living in a society that is built upon a foundation of trauma. This is colonization. 
I’ll even dare to say that this may be why our planet is in crisis right now. 
We’ve forgotten how to stop ~ how to listen ~ how to surrender ~ how to fall down on our knees to the earth and admit, “I’m tired. I surrender. I need help.” 

We may even be afraid to pause because we’re afraid of what we might feel. Chances are there is a lot of grief buried underneath all of our pushing. 
We need to relearn how to grieve. 

Consider this:
Our ancestors may have had to flee. Maybe they travelled across oceans to escape persecution, or maybe they were forcibly removed from their ancestral lands just down the road from here. Maybe they didn’t even have time to grieve because they were literally running. 
Or maybe we had to flee but couldn’t – maybe it wasn’t so safe in our daily lives growing up. 

Chances are, if you’re struggling with burnout, its because your nervous system thinks you still need to run. 

What would happen if you just slowed down enough to feel your own heartbeat. 
What would happen if you took the time to lay down on your yoga mat (or a blanket) on the floor this afternoon for 10 minutes? 
What would happen if you spent a whole day just BEING? 
What would happen if you tuned in and really listened to your body and just followed her wisdom for the whole day? For always? 

Safety, dear one, resides in your soul/energetic field. Trauma distorts your energetic field, and it can be rewoven through working with sensory awareness, compassion, safety and the right support. 

So, dear one, for now, how can you be more compassionate with yourself today? 
How can you bring allow in deeper nourishment & rest, even if it’s just 1% more. 
How can you allow yourself to slow down and really rest ~ or even just pause enough to feel your sacred breathe?
My prayer is that we can all learn to slow down, to lean into the ever abundant support of the earth, and to relearn how to listen to the wisdom of our bodies. 

In love & light,

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