Allergies or Fatigue? Put Spring in Your Step with Nettles!

You know the feeling in the Springtime – maybe you’re even feeling it right now – when Spring energy all around you is like “Woohoooo ~ time to get up and go ~ time to BURST forth with LIFE-FORCE ~ time for EXUBERANT JOYFUL ALIVENESS…”

And your body  might be like, “Ugh…yawn….yerp…”

The Sloth ~ slowest moving mammal alive, so slow that moss & lichen grows on them, may feel like your closest kin.

Or perhaps you feel closer to the common garden snail ~ slow and steady ~ slow and steady…

(Nothing wrong with that mind you - in fact probably some wisdom we modern mammals could take from this ancient one…)

But if your beautiful body is feeling a bit more sluggish than you want it to.

(Yes I said beautiful ~ as a former Massage Therapist I think ALL bodies are bee-auuutiful.

For real.

They just ARE when you have your heart in the right place.

It’s all about perspective.

Bodies are so beautiful in ALL shapes & sizes…)

AND sometimes when winter is coming to an end even beautiful bodies can feel sluggish ~ maybe a bit of moss growth happening ~  and not be quite behaving with the spring time zest that we may we want them to.

If you want to put a bit more spring in your step, I’d suggest you make friends with Nettles.

Stinging Nettle ~ or Urtica dioica as they say in Latin is possibly my absolute total favorite plant ever.

Well actually I love roses, and wild violets, and giant Cedar trees - okay I love them ALL…

But I really, really love nettles.

Nettles are the most amazing powerful spring cleansing food & tonic you can find.

They are known to be anti-inflammatory and healing allergies of all kinds including seasonal allergies, food sensitivities as well as other types of allergies.

The reason they are amazing for allergies is because of two systems they support in the body.

  1. Blood - cleansing for the liver and high in Iron, Nettles support our body to metabolize all kinds of toxins better including the allergic substances that our body just thinks are toxins…
  2. They are also an adrenal tonic ~ and allergies are typically associated with low adrenal function.
  3. Because of their adrenal supportive properties, they also serve as a mild stimulant/energizing tonic.

    AND they are so delicious! I always wonder why anyone bothers to grow Spinach when there are such good wild greens that literally grow themselves, are SUPER nutrient rich and even medicinal, and literally grow themselves.

    A few precautions: Nettles are super cleansing and detoxifying, so go slow. Try having a small amount steamed, or try blending them with water and drinking the juice for a few days before you go into eating potfuls and smoothy-fulls like me 🙂

Ultimately it’s always about just listening to your body and when you try anything new, go slow. #bodywisdom

Oh and for nettles, you may want to WEAR GLOVES because yes, raw and unblended they will sting you. 

My friend Magie told a story of his fiance bringing home a bag of nettles and he thought they were spinach and ate a big mouthful straight from the bag. Ouch.

Recipe ideas:

Nettle Spanikopita: Grab your favorite Spanikopita recipe and replace the spinach with nettles. I like using spelt filo pastry and I’m sure there is gluten free options, or just do it without the filo and you’ll have a lovely nettle frittata.


Nettle Green Smoothy: My total favorite, I drink this (or some variation) every day in nettle season…

1-2 bananas

Spoonful of hempseeds (or not if you don’t want to combine fruit with protein)

¼ tsp Vitamin C powder

1 tsp collagen powder

1 thumb sized chunk of fresh ginger diced

Stuff blender full of nettles

Add water enough so it blends

Blend and enJOY.

Simple Nettles ~ steamed nettles with olive oil & himalayan salt drizzled over top.

One evening after playing Ultimage Frisbee I had a nettle smoothy, and I’d steamed a pot of nettles earlier but forgot about them. I looked at them in the pot as I was getting ready for bed….(everyone else already sleeping)... thought, “Not now nettles, I don’t want you now, I just ate a smoothy…well okay one bite.”

I ended up eating the entire pot. (Well not the pot itself...but all the nettles lol)




Do you have a favorite nettle recipe you’d love to share with us - or ideas about somewhere you could replace nettles in another favorite recipe? Please comment below and share!!!

In love & Nettles,


PS ~ Please make sure that you are SURE of the identity of any plants you eat before you eat them. Post a picture in the comments, check a plant id book or ask a knowledgable friend if you're not sure!!